Database Security

A database management system, or DBMS, is a tool that creates and manipulates databases. Examples that are used regularly are Google Spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel. Other programs that are more widely used by database developers include MySQL, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SQL Server. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who would like to get into your database for your information. Learn how to secure your information here.

How to Scan a Database with Nessus — Page One

Knowing what’s going on with your hosted website is crucial to ensuring that uptime is stabilized, TCP ports are set without open vulnerabilities, database stores are functioning properly and that everything is running like it should, and Tenable Nessus detects and shows it all by level of severity.

How to Use the Tenable Nessus Scanner: Page One

Knowing what’s up with your hosted website can help in ensuring stable uptime, that your TCP ports are set without risk of vulnerabilities and that any database stores (like with MySQL) are functioning properly. We can learn of these with Tenable Nessus, and we’re guiding you through the software.

BHO Remover Review

Spyware and legitimate programs can add component as Browser Helper Object in a browser and you might want to find out whether it’s a known safe BHO using BHO Remover.

Storage Security Policies:A 101

This article will describe some key elements to consider when drafting a storage security policy. It will look at how process management and user effort can affect the security of data storage.

Phishing Protection: Don’t Become a Victim

Fishermen purposefully bait their fishing lines with tempting food to catch unsuspecting fish, but computer phishers aren’t legitimately trying to catch dinner when they set traps for computer users. Instead, computer phishers are trying to steal their next meal–at your expense.

How to Delete Locked Malware Files in Windows?

Anti-malware scanner is often targeted by spyware and malware by running its processes so you cannot run a scan on the computer. Some malware will disable access to important system utilities – Task Manager, Registry Editor and System Configuration. Find out how to deal with the situation.

Doc Scrubber: Analyze and Scrub Data of Word Documents

Most people and business users are using Word document format (.doc) that contains data that you might not know sharing extra information that you rather don’t share. Doc Scrubber will help you keep your privacy. Check this out on what you can hide or remove before sending your .doc files.

Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox Review

Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox offers digital shredding and digital lock to keep your information private and secure against prying eyes. Read this review to learn more about the product and if, you need such tool.

Backup Your iPhone on Windows

Music, applications, videos, photos, e mail account settings, podcasts, ringtones, notes, contacts, bookmarks & calendars can all be copied on to your computer from an iPhone through iTunes. This facility creates a complete backup of information on the iPhone. Find out how you can backup your iPhone