Environmental Science

Are you passionate about our planet? Meet and learn from experts in the field providing articles and info on environmental science and technology. Find answers to your questions on global warming, how you can stop pollution and more. What is biodiversity anyway? The answers are waiting for you at Bright Hub’s Environmental Science Channel. Stay in tune to current events and environmental policies that affect you and your planet’s health and well-being such as dangers to shark species. Get your facts straight on issues such as climate change and learn how one temperature degree in climate can make a difference. Our writers, led by managing editor Laurie Patsalides, are experienced and educated and offer insight into everything from conservation of wildlife and natural resources to solutions for waste management and sustainable living. Your insight and opinions matter to us and we want to hear from you! Join the Bright Hub Community to debate issues in the forum, suggest future topics and share your views. Lend your voice today and build a better tomorrow!

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