Audio Recording

Audio recording can take you a lot of places. You may be in your basement recording the acoustic guitar, in an open stadium recording a live concert or in a closed room recording an interview. Wherever you are, find the right equipment and procedure to make your recordings come out brilliant. Bright Hub will help you along the way.

Recording Guitar to Computer Like a Pro

Recording Guitar to Computer Like a Pro

Forget about spending a lot of money to go into a studio to record music. And forget about doing it on a traditional tape recorder. These are the days when anyone can be a producer and make great recordings at home. From guitar to drums, you can create your own masterpiece on your computer.

Top 10 Sound Recording Tips

Good sound recording should not be the sole province of professionals with sophisticated equipment. You can undertake quality sound recording with these tips which would help you to save time, effort and even keep you away from running foul of the law.
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