Browsers, Plugins and Other Tools

Need to know something about browsers, plug-ins, or other web development tools that help you as the designer and the people viewing your website? You’ll be able to find lots of articles that review, recommend, and tell you how to use the different web development tools available.

Mailchimp Review: What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is a full-service email marketing service that does everything from create beautifully designed email newsletters, to sending out your emails for you, to providing detailed tracking analysis of your email campaigns. A must-have in the toolkit of any marketing professional!
Choosing Open Source Web Development Tools

Choosing Open Source Web Development Tools

Is there an alternative for the powerful Adobe Photoshop? Can I install Apache, MySQL and PHP with a single mouse click? Can I inspect HTML and CSS directly from the web browser? Can I get all of this for free? Sure you can - with great open-source web development tools described in this article.
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