Teaching Spanish: Lesson Plans, Usage Discussions, Hints and Tips for Spanish Teachers

In the Teaching Spanish topic in the Learning Language channel at Bright Hub, experienced educators write a variety of articles addressing ideas for presenting material to your students to help them learn Spanish. There are series on Lesson Plans covering teaching the alphabet and telling time, pronouncing the letters in the Spanish alphabet, using idioms and a variety of articles on the use of pronouns. There are articles on Spanish usage, to help teach student the connotative difference between the translation of a vocabulary word that appears to mean the same thing in Spanish as it does in English- but doesn�t really. There is a series on Spanish pronunciation and another on Parts of Speech in Spanish. There are activities you can carry out in your classroom to make concepts clearer, and articles to help you explain different tenses, comparatives, and demonstrative parts of speech. Do you want an idea of how to present confusing verb groups? There is an article discussing ways. Teaching Spanish is meant to make your classroom a more productive place. It can give you another way to explain information to your students to reinforce material you have already taught, and to encourage their understanding by an innovative presentation of a easily misunderstood concept.

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