Installing and Using Ablock Plus

Do you have a limited data cap for your internet connection or are tired of seeing endless ads on your computer? Consider installing an ad blocking tool such ad Adblock Plus. In this article, I will show you how to install and use Adblock Plus to block unwanted ads.

Blocking Ads is Bad For the Internet

I hate to paraphrase the music industry’s old ad campaign, but you wouldn’t leave any store without paying for merchandise, would you? So, by that same token, why would you block ads? After all, those ads create the revenue that keeps the content you read, for the most part, free of charge.

Tips to Becoming a Freelance Web Designer

Being a freelance web designer may sound enticing when it comes to all of the freedom and self-determination. However, the responsibilities you gain, like lining up your future jobs and staying motivated can be overwhelming. Here we provide tips on how to transition into freelancing.
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