Video Editing Software Reviews

Whether you’re a newbie creating your own home movies or an experienced video editor, you won’t get far without the software and tools to make your movie great. Read expert reviews and honest opinions on the latest and greatest video editing software written by those in the know.

Video Software Review: EDIUS 6

EDIUS is a full video editing program. It supports a wide-variety of formats, and its motto is “Edit Anything”. It also comes with a hefty price tag. Learn whether this program lives up to its motto as we discuss its pros and cons.
Software Review: DVDVideoSoft for Mac

Software Review: DVDVideoSoft for Mac

We’re all a little leery of free programs. They often don’t do what they say they’re going to do, and then there’s the problem with viruses. DVDVideoSoft offers a number of different free video conversion programs for Mac - but should you download them?

ScriptBuddy Screenplay Software Review

ScriptBuddy is a new screenwriting platform that allows screenwriters to pen their manuscript online with an easy to use engine. With some glaring limitations and the inability to work with it offline, is there enough here to warrant the price?
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