Create Web Pages Using Google Sites

What is Google Site? The application is a simple to use, online application for creating web pages that are published in the Google Sites community. It allows you to build a web site without knowing how to code HTML. Google Sites also lets you easily share it with other, and even control who gets to edit what content on your site. Here you can find articles for the novice walking you through the creation, design, and publishing of your own web pages with Google Sites. If you’be been using the Google app or already know how to build web sites in general, there are plenty of tips and tricks using Google Sites for experienced web-designers available to read.

Google Sites Has New Gadgets

Google has opened up the development of Gadgets for anyone willing to create new ones for use in Google applications. Here we take a look at some of the newest Gadgets developed that you can add-in to your own Google Sites pages.
Goggle Sites Features: Breaking the Locks

Goggle Sites Features: Breaking the Locks

Goggle Sites offers a feature called “Break the Lock” which will allow saved edit changes to override on another when two people are editing a page. Find out how this feature works and what the known problems are that Google is currently working on.

How to edit Pages in Google Sites.

When you are starting out with Google Sites, there are some simple page edits that you can apply to make your site work smoother. Here we go over three tips to use when editing your own pages.
Google Sites Themes

Google Sites Themes

Google Sites comes with a set of pre-packaged themes to give your pages a little online flair. From palm trees to techie looking tiles, see what kind of themes Google as put together.

Google Sites Privacy and Security

Google Sites adheres to the same main privacy and security policies as most Google applications do, except that for Google Sites there are considerations based on site owners and site collaborators.
Google Sites Guide on Files

Google Sites Guide on Files

Most files in Google Sites are seen as attachments and have certain restrictions. Learn more about how these attachments are treated and what that means for your file usage.

Google Sites Tips

Google Sites is an easy to use application for creating your own online presence. To make things go even smoother, check out the top three tips that will help you enhance your Google Sites pages.
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