Reviews of Learning Language Software and other Media

At Bright Hub we review language learning software and other media which teach foreign languages. These range from software to CDs and tapes, all of which help you memorize vocabulary and phrases. These all are meant to let you learn at the speed most convenient and comfortable for you. Beyond basic programs, there are software programs that can make learning a language an interactive experience, gauged to judge where you are in your learning and prepare you for ever-more detailed instruction in grammar, additional vocabulary, and practice in pronunciation. Some software listens to your pronunciation and keeps you practicing it until you meet its standards of understandability, and then uses the vocabulary you learn to let you practice conversation with your computer. And they do this in the comfort of your home. Many vary their teaching to keep your interest level high, and some use pictures to help you associate an object with its name in your target language. Others are aimed at younger children and teach each lesson in the form of a game, where a level must be survived before moving to a higher level. Others are less interactive, but give you vocabulary to listen to and practice until you have pronunciation and meaning correct. Some of these come in the form of tapes or CDs that you can even play in your car on the way to work, giving you extra time in your day to learn your new language. Some software comes in sets aimed at giving you true fluency in the language of your choice. They start you in their beginner level software program, let you know when you are ready to go on to advanced beginner or intermediate levels, and then start their advanced software programs. Because of the range of levels available, there is software which you may finish using in a week or two. Other programs let you advance at the pace most comfortable for you, but have enough material incorporated to provide you lessons for months or a year or more, depending of the speed you progress and proficiency you desire. At Bright Hub, you can be comfortable in your selection of the product most suitable for your needs, as we inform you of strengths and weaknesses in each application, rate the software for the quality of its performance and general amount of knowledge you can expect to gain from a particular product.

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