List of the Best Free Security Software for Windows and Mac

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Free Security Tools for Windows and Mac

Not every is willing to pay and not all paid editions is certified or tested to work. This is why there are free utilities and tools for Windows and Mac that you can use when you need them. We’ll update this article for new or updated programs and services from time to time so bookmark this page! One thing to note, always be careful when installing a program or visiting a website. Some programs is bundled with unnecessary third-party add-ons or service.

Real-Time or On-Access Anti-Malware and Security Tools

Real-time Protection by Anti-Virus

Real-time Protection by Anti-Malware or Anti-Spyware

Real-time Behavior-based Protection against Malware, Keyloggers or Fraud

Real-time Download Guard

Firewall Protection

Exploits and Malicious Link Scanner and Protection

Manual or On-Demand Security Tools

On-demand Anti-Virus Scanner

On-demand Anti-Malware Scanner

Online System-Wide Virus and Malware Scanner

Online Single File Malware and Virus Scanner

Standalone in-the-Wild Malware Scanner

Anti-virus Rescue CD

Vulnerability and Update Scanner

Rootkit and BOT Scanners


Miscellaneous Analyzer

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I hope you’ll find the above security tools as handy. If you want to suggest, feel free to post your comment. We’ll add it in the list (Rogue not allowed) in the next update.