Second Language Acquisition: Theory, Methods and How To Tips

Second language acquisition is the process of learning a language other than your native one. There are numerous theories as to how this is best accomplished, and a number of styles of teaching and learning another language have evolved. The Second Languages Acquisition topic at Bright Hub�s Language Learning channel considers the myriad theories for learning an additional language, the teaching methods which have evolved to incorporate those theories, and the best ways for students and teachers to use those methods for productive learning. We examine the different learning styles suitable for people who learn better by listening, by reading and writing, and by pictorial input, and give guides, hints and tips which augment all of these styles to be more effective. Second language acquisition also looks at the attitudes people bring to the learning process- and even behind that, to the reasons people choose to learn a second language. We bring you scholarly examinations of language acquisition theories, discussions of the various teaching styles and methods to learn new languages, and practical steps for those lessons to help you achieve fluency.

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