LG Mobile Phone Reviews

If you�re looking to buy a new cell phone from LG then check here first for detailed reviews of all the models they carry. They produce some excellent smartphones. You�ll find a break down of the advantages and disadvantages of every LG mobile phone along with a recommendation for the target audience and a rating which determines whether the phone is worth buying. This is your resource for LG mobile phone reviews.

Raising MetroPCS' Esteem - LG Esteem Review

MetroPCS’ esteem must be running high with their recent smartphone enhancements and it looks like they’re hoping to raise that with their latest prize, the aptly named LG Esteem. Does the Esteem handle well or is it nothing more than another average addition to the MetroPCS line-up?

Making a Marquee - The LG Marquee Reviewed

The entry level smartphone market isn’t exactly saturated but most customers aren’t expecting fast, well designed phones. Enter the LG Marquee, featuring a slim design, 4 inch NOVA display, 1 GHz processor and Android 2.3 from Sprint. Does the Marquee headline the entry level market or does it fail?

LG Enlighten Reviewed - Gets Lost in the Dark

LG has consistently released similar entry to mid-level market smartphones to the public through various carriers. The Enlighten is yet another addition to their line up, aiming at the same audience. But does it have what it takes to enlighten its customers or does it get lost in the dark?
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