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A printer is a peripheral device that offers tremendous output capabilities to your computer environment, and now with improvements in technology, such devices can combine print management, copying, scanning and fax facilities too. With the growing demand for faster, sharper, more reliable print quality and quantity, manufacturers such as HP, Canon, Lexmark and Brother continually strive to outdo one another by launching printer models that offer superior image projection, reliability and speed. Looking at the latest and greatest models of Inkjet, Laser and All-In-One printing from the past and present, in this topic we aim to enlighten and inform, while offering a wealth of tips and helpful guides to troubleshoot printer problems.

A Comprehensive Printer Shopping Guide

The printer is one of those items that you rarely think about until it fails. That’s too bad considering it is one of the most important computer peripherals. Without your printer you have no access to hard copies of important information. This guide will help you invest in the best one for you.
Top Magnetic ID Card Printers

Top Magnetic ID Card Printers

These are my top 3 picks for the best Magnetic ID and security card printers out there. There are picks for organizations that need bulk printing, another for moderate, and one for those that only print on demand. If you need a magnetic ID card printer for security or identification, look in here.
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