Discover a wealth of information on homeschooling at Bright Hub. Whether you are just learning about homeschool options and still weighing the pros and cons, or you’ve been a homeschooler for years, you will find tips, advice, curriculum options and informative articles all written by homeschooling parents, many of whom are trained educators. If you are new to homeschooling, you can discover how to set up a classroom within your home, stay organized and stress-free. Learn about the many choices in education, from Classical to Eclectic. Know what the various state and federal regulations are that may affect you, and what record keeping you will need to do and what you may need to provide to your school district. Discover tips and reviews to help you choose homeschool curriculum programs, both Christian and secular. Should you mix and match different programs? We’ll help you decide! Learn about options for homeschooling special needs children, from state and federal requirements, to IEP services, to socialization considerations. Trying to decide whether or not to homeschool your teen? Wondering about accreditation? College prep? Find out what your college-bound homeschooler will need, how to document your child’s education, how he or she can earn a high school diploma and any special requirements for applying to college. From financial advice on money-saving options for curriculums and books to practical tips and advice from homeschooling families, you will find everything you need to homeschool or unschool your child from preschool through high school.

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