Details about the latest phishing scams, how to spot them and reviews of leading anti-phishing products

Phishing scams cost consumers and businesses billions of dollars every year. Here, you will find practical advice about how to protect your computers and employees from phishing scams and reviews of leading anti-phishing products.

A Guide to Identifying Scam and Malware

Fraudsters and malware authors follow the crowd. If social networking sites and e-mail are the most popular media to reach potential victims, they will use it to attack. Find out what you need to know to keep online scams, fake logins and fraudulent websites at bay.
Why is Phishing so Dangerous?

Why is Phishing so Dangerous?

We’ve all heard of it, but what is phishing, really? What are some of the dangers behind a phishing scam? What are some telltale signs to help recognize a phishing email? This article reviews the basics of phishing scams and what steps that you can take to avoid being had.
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