Special Occasion and Holiday Budgeting

Everyone enjoys a good party, but let�s face it, parties can be expensive. And with the cost of food continuing to rise, holiday dinners and birthday celebrations can often wreak havoc on even the most carefully planned household budget. Bright Hub�s team of writers, financial planners and household managers have pulled together tips and suggestions they use to make special occasion memories that don�t include monthly bill reminders in the mail! Read on for some great budgeting tips.

Birthday Presents for Old Guys

It’s not easy to buy birthday presents for old guys. The first thing to remember is that the hair may be gray but the guy inside is the same. Birthday presents should speak to that guy that still lives in there and touch that part of him that will always be his center.
Top 10 Christmas Presents for Dads

Top 10 Christmas Presents for Dads

Finding the best Christmas present for Dad can be a challenge. Find the top 10 Christmas presents for Dads this year neatly wrapped and waiting below. Dad will love them. You will enjoy giving them. Christmas will feel a lot more joyful with these presents under the tree.
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