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Nokia Lumia 710 Review: The Nokia Re-awakening

Another one of Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone 7.5 Mango smartphones hits the market. A lot of hype has been built up around this Nokia Microsoft partnership. Is this the rebirth of the mobile phone giant? Why don’t we let this Nokia Lumia 710 review tell us.

The Future of Nokia: Lumia 800 Review

The Nokia Lumia 800 marks the start of a new chapter in the Nokia story. This Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 flagship device has big shoes to fill for a company that is looking to stamp its authority in the mobile industry. Find out more from this Lumia 800 review.

Complete Guide to the Nokia N8

The N8 is an attractive and powerful smartphone from Nokia. Learn about all the features and functions it has to offer in this guide. You’ll also find hints and tips for getting the most out of it.

What Nokia Phone Should I Buy?

Nokia may be down on their luck lately but they’ve produced some great phones over the years. They still rule the budget end of the cell phone market and there are some impressive new Windows Phone devices on the way. Find the right Nokia phone for you here.
Samsung Finesse vs Nokia 6790: A Comparative Review

Samsung Finesse vs Nokia 6790: A Comparative Review

If you are looking to buy a mid-range smartphone and you are unable to decide between the Samsung Finesse and the Nokia 6790, then you are at the right place. Read on for a review and comparison of the design, features and performance of these two smartphones.

Fun and Performance with the Nokia 500

The Nokia 500, being the first Nokia phone to boast a 1 GHz processor, promises super fast operations. Is this good enough or are there other tricks this phone has to cement its place among the Nokia greats? Keep reading to find out.
Nokia N9 vs iPhone 4 Smartphone Battle

Nokia N9 vs iPhone 4 Smartphone Battle

The iPhone 4 seems to be the phone to beat. There are a host of contenders in the smartphone supremacy battle. The Nokia N9 is another in the long line of phones to take on the iPhone 4. Let’s begin the Nokia N9 vs iPhone 4 contest and see who comes out on top.

Nokia Oro, Prestige on the Go

There comes a time when you might want a premium brand gift for a loved one or yourself. This is where the Nokia Oro comes in. With precious minerals and genuine leather included in its design this device might be the right choice for you. It isn’t cheap though!

Review of the Nokia 2320: A Simple, Basic Phone

I am sure you could come up with reasons as to why you would want a phone with minimum features. As long as it is still a phone. Well if this is in your thoughts then you might want to consider the Nokia 2320 which could be the ideal phone for you. Only one way to find out.
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