Green Computing / IT

The Green IT channel at Bright Hub is here to help to any home or business that wants to compute in a more ecologically friendly manner. The channel contains a wealth of articles, how to’s and reviews that explain the benefits of going green and which will enable you to choose the best green technical solutions, reduce your impact on the environment or reduce your electricity bill. From the origins of Energy Star to reviews of energy saving software Managing Editor, Michele McDonough, and her team of writers lead you on a journey into the world of eco-friendly computing. Learn how to properly dispose of computers and other electronic waste, known as e-waste, with articles such as this on recycling printer cartridges. Find out all about cloud computing and virtualization. Gain a better understanding of how technology impacts the environment and what you can do to help reduce waste, cut costs and lower emissions. Join the Bright Hub Community to share your experience and insight into green computing. Explore the media gallery, check out the latest trends and technology, voice your opinion in the comments as well as read articles and software reviews. We want to know what you think about being green!

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