SL, or Learn and Speak English: Lesson Plans, How To Activities, How To Guides

ESL, or Learn and Speak English, is learning English when it is not your native tongue. We discuss how to teach and learn the English language. Resources for different aspects of ESL are provided for teachers and students, including lesson plans and activities. Here are hints, tips and guides for mastering English grammar. The ESL, or Learn and Speak English topic at Bright Hub's Language Learning channel considers the different methods for learning the English language, lesson plans and activities to incorporate those methods, and the best ways for students and teachers to use those methods to produce fluency. We look at preparing and studying for major English tests such as the TOEFL, the degrees of fluency needed for different purposes and give you guides, hints and tips which help your learning to be more effective. We also explain oddities of pronunciation in English. Here are articles on many different topics possible in the ESL curriculum; lesson plans, activities, explaining English grammar for non native English speakers, English vocabulary roots and unusual words, hints on the quirks of the English Language, information on writing in English, tests like the TOEFL, and practical steps for to help you achieve fluency speaking and writing.

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