Learning Spanish: Software, Courses & Tips on Speaking Spanish

Spanish is spoken around the globe. Under this topic you will find information on how to teach, learn and speak Spanish. We have many articles in the Lesson Plan series, and continue to add to them regularly. There are also articles on Parts of Speech, Spanish idioms and dialects spoken in various countries and regions. We review the most current Spanish language learning software and rate it for you. We also look at other methods of learning language through media, including online courses and language CDs. You will also find articles which dig into Spanish culture, looking at the different places where Spanish is spoken. We examine cultures and history, celebrations, food and customs throughout the Spanish speaking world. Learn how the same holiday is celebrated with different traditions in the Spanish speaking world. Bright Hub�s Language Learning channel puts Spanish into your hands and your mind, giving you a unique view of the places where Spanish is spoken.

Sequence of Tense Definition

If you’re telling a story in the past tense, jumping to the present can be confusing. Likewise, if you begin a sentence in the present and suddenly use the past, it can be confusing and illogical. Observing the proper sequence of tense is one of the skills learners of Spanish need to master.
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