• Four Free St. Patrick's Day Fonts

    Come St. Patrick's Day, you may need to bring the luck of the Irish to your desktop publishing projects. These four free fonts can do that for just about any project you're planning for St. Patty's Day — and they all look good in green...
    By Thursday Bram March 11, 2013 

  • Examples of Bad Font Use: Avoid These Common Mistakes

    When used correctly in a design, no one should really notice your font choice. If they do you've either got a lover of fonts on your hands or you've done something so terribly wrong your font choice sticks out like a sore thumb. Don't be a...
    By Wendy Finn August 15, 2012 

  • Fancy Fourth of July Fonts

    Whether you're designing menus for your Fourth of July cookout or invitations to watch the fireworks, you'll want a couple of fonts for your desktop publishing projects to really customize your invitation. Here's some themed fonts to spice...
    By Thursday Bram July 3, 2012 

  • Four Free Valentine's Day Fonts

    When February rolls around each year, you send out valentines. If you're creating your own, one of the hardest parts can be finding fonts that work with the design you have in mind. These four free fonts were created with Valentine's Day in mind...
    By Thursday Bram February 1, 2012 

  • Fantastic Fun With Fonts: FontStructing

    Have you ever wanted to create your very own font? FontStruct lets you do that, and it’s free! Read all about this writer’s experience, and then get started on your own font design. And share it with us when you're done!
    By Linda Richter December 19, 2011 

  • Looking for Fonts in All the Right Places: A Guide to Serif Fonts

    Do you know the difference between a serif font and a non-serif font? When you see little hooks on the bottoms and tops of letters, it's a serif font. Times New Roman is probably the best known example. Learn where to find more fonts than you...
    By Linda Richter November 30, 2011 

  • Add Personality to Your Own Original Font Creation

    When designing your own font you must follow professional and legal guidelines. A primary objective is font uniformity through basic measurements. Giving personality to every letter you draw assures an original piece of work.
    By David Graham Farnsworth October 31, 2011 

  • Foreign Influences of Elegant Greek Fonts

    Most professionals between the 15th and 20th centuries who influenced Greek typography were not Greek. The development and setting of Greek typeface had its premise elsewhere in Europe.
    By David Graham Farnsworth October 30, 2011 

  • How Choosing the Proper Font Can Turn the Ordinary Into Extraordinary

    Choosing the proper font for your next project can add some serious "WOW!" factor, as well as tie together a great design into something more. Check out these fantastic examples where the designers nailed the font choice, making for a cohesive...
    By Amber Neely October 18, 2011 

  • The Best Free and Commercial Harry Potter Fonts

    These fonts are an important resource for Harry Potter fans who want to create desktop publishing projects with a non-Muggle feel. There are excellent free fonts such as Harry P and Parseltongue, as well as paid fonts like the four-weight Hocus Pocus...
    By Amy Carson October 13, 2011 
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