Google Earth

Google Earth puts the power of satellite imagery at your fingertips. See historical places, learn facts about our oceans, and even take tours without leaving your keyboard. Learn how to put Google Earth to work for you, your business or your school.

Using Google Earth Street Search

You can find and view any street on the planet using the Street Search tool in Google Earth. To learn how to use this wonderful tool, just look below the fold

Have Fun with a Google Earth Controller

Zoom around the planet at will. Climb up high into the air and then make a daring nose dive. This may sound like the latest aerial combat video game, but it is actually Google Earth equipped with a Google Earth Controller! Find out more about how to get the most out of this popular Google app.

Getting To Grips With Google Earth Screen Overlays

Google Earth is an extremely powerful utility, which offers the chance to travel the world in the blink of an eye. Google has made various aspects of the Google Earth API available, including the ability to make enhanced snapshots using “screen overlays”…

Cool Stuff in Google Earth

There’s a lot of fun stuff to explore in Google Earth. Find out about cool features such as Ancient Rome 3D, 360 Cities and Gigapan Photos in this useful and free app.

All About Google’s Power Meter Service

Nearly one decade ago, Google was launched as a simple search engine. When a user visited Google, it was for one purpose – to do a web search. 10 years and billions of dollars later, Google has evolved into a web giant, featuring countless services such as Earth, Android, Chrome, Gmail, Docs, more..