Because Google owns Blogger, the two services work together almost seamlessly. Learn how to combine your Blogger blog with the many other Google services for a better blog, or website.

How-To Guides and Tips for Google Blogger Users

Google Blogger is considered one of the best blogging platforms and is constantly evolving to offer new tools and widgets to users. The Blogger tips and tutorials we have included in this guide can be very useful for both beginner and advanced bloggers.

Embedded Video Player For Blogger Plays On Page Load

Usually, when adding Youtube videos to Blogger, the default embedded codes allow it to play on click. This article will teach you a neat little-known trick on how to set your embedded video player for Blogger so that it plays on page load. But, be forewarned, use this knowledge with care!

Emoticon Blogger Plugin

Get those really cute emoticons for your Blogger and express yourself freely as you write your blog post! This article will show you a neat trick on how to install the emoticons into your Post Editor’s Toolbar.

Blogger Filtering For Spam Blogs

Blogger filtering for spam blogs has been put into place to avoid the abuse of the free Blogger service. In fact, they have made it easy for you to report spam blogs if you were to run across any, they would examine it and take action as necessary.

Blogger Template Tutorial from Scratch

This Blogger Template Tutorial shows you how to upload and install your own Blogger Template from scratch, and where to find free Blogger Templates. This is great for dressing up your blog for special occasions such as Christmas, New Year or Valentines Day to make it more relevant to your readers!

How to Fix a Blog Post Marked as Spam– Blogger Guides

This Blogger guide shows you how to fix the problem of your Blogger blog being mistakenly marked as a spam blog. If you do nothing about your blog that had been suspended on suspicion of spam, your blog faces possible deletion in the near future.

Recently Updated Blog Turn – Blogger Post Promoting Tips

This Blogger Guide will show you step-by-step 7 recently updated blog tips to promoting and driving massive traffic to your Blogger posts. It is very important that your blog is search engine friendly and that you optimize the various Blogger traffic tools that are available for free.

Google Gadgets: Blogger – Blog Layout Dashboard

This article gives you a step-by-step guide through Blogger’s new Layout Dashboard in detail to customize your blog according to your preferences and add your preferred Google Gadgets. Blogger has changed its Layout Dashboard and added greater functionality and flexibility to its blog settings.

How to Create and Add Blogger Banners

Your Google Blogger site is a place that you can share whatever is important to you. Shouldn’t the design of the page speak of you as well? Customize your Blogger page by creating your own personalized Blogger banner.

Turn Off Dates in Blogger

Using Google’s Blogger doesn’t have to be complicated. Some tasks, like controlling the post are quick and simple to do. Find out how you can turn off dates in blogger and change the time stamps in the system

Blogger Theme Zenburn

In the world of Blogger themes, skins and template designs there are a few that stand out among the hundreds that have been created. Here we are going to take a closer look at the blogger theme zenburn and how users have put it into action on their own blogs.

Professional Blogger Layouts

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on professional blogger layouts because there is one design site that allows for professionals to showcase their designs for a fraction of mainstream professional prices.

How to Make a Blogger Template

Blogger is a free web blog service from Google, where people can create their own blogging presences online just by using their Gmail account information. Learn how to get your blog started and how to make a blogger template that will show case your words!

Where to Find Free Blogger Layouts

Blogger allows you to share your personal thoughts, opinions and knowledge with the world. One way to make it even more personal is by adding a layout that suits your personality. Here are some sites offering free Blogger layouts from which you can choose the best one for you.