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    • The State of the VR War – Checking in Six Months Later

      It’s been a long six months since we last checked in with Oculus and HTC on their respective VR platforms. How is each doing? Has a clear winner emerged? Let’s dig...

      Written by: Ryan Tetzlaff
    • Plantronics Bluetooth Headset Recommendations

      The Plantronics Bluetooth Headset is a leading communications equipment that has shown quality and elegance in a single package. It is a product of years of research by the qualified...

      Written by: johnsinit
    • An Overview of Voice Activated Recorders

      Voice activated recorders are great devices. Several voice recorders are available on the market, so what makes a voice activated recorder different from the others?

      Written by: infomarine
    • Amplified Telephone Headset

      An amplified telephone headset is often highly sought after for both commercial and personal uses. People with hearing disability can use the headsets to hear better, while in an office...

      Written by: johnsinit
    • Top 10 Gadgets for Under $100

      Shopping on budget is not a problem with our list of top 10 gadgets for under $100. This must-have list is comprised of cameras, headphones, camcorders, GPS navigation, a great...

      Written by: Aunindita
    • Top 10 Electronic Gadgets to Give as Gifts

      So you're stuck with a geeky friend or loved one who won't be wooed by generic gifts like expensive chocolates or a bottle of fine champagne. Gadgets are what a geek forever...

      Written by: Gaura2
    • Review of Motorola MOTOPURE H12 Bluetooth Headset

      The Motorola MOTOPURE H12 headset excels in both pure design and precision sound. If you are looking for a great looking and high quality headset for an affordable price, this headset...

      Written by: unsel
    • List of DLNA Devices

      With more than 9,000 DLNA compliant devices currently on the market, researching and finding the devices that you are interested in can be challenging if you don’t know where...

      Written by: Steve McFarlane
    • Shopping for a DLNA-Certified TV

      You can connect some TVs using Wi-Fi, HDMI and even Ethernet. In this article we look at the capabilities of a DLNA TV.

      Written by: Steve McFarlane
    • What is DLNA?

      What is DLNA: you may have heard reference being made to the consumer electronics standard call DLNA. This article will take a look at what the standard is and how it works.

      Written by: Steve McFarlane
    • Great Electronic Gifts For the 2011 Holiday Season

      Christmas is coming! Gadgets are here. This selection of great gadget gift ideas will help you to find the perfect electronic gift or toy for the gadget lover in your life, from...

      Written by: Rebecca Scudder
    • Are Subtitle Glasses the Wave of the Future?

      Sony is attempting to address an issue in the movie theater, but it doesn’t have anything to do with picture or sound quality. They are focusing on a niche of society that is...

      Written by: KennethSleight
    • Let Your Fingers Do, Well, Everything

      With the recent touch-screen revolution there has been rampant speculation about the future of touch-screen technology. This is one case where the speculation might actually fall short...

      Written by: KennethSleight
    • Avoid Buyer's Remorse: Take Our Quiz on Weird and Wacky Gadgets

      Think you know everything about those as-seen-on-TV products? Answer the following questions to test your smarts about goofy gadgets.

      Written by: Tricia Goss
    • What Were They Thinking When They Invented This?! Unforgettable Gadgets

      Gadgets are useful, funny, wild and delightful. Whether you're left wondering what the inventor could have possibly been thinking, or see a gadget you just got to have, this journey...

      Written by: Rebecca Scudder
    • Robots: From the Toy Chest to Outer Space

      This complete guide to robots covers everything from the best robotic toy animals for your child to cutting edge medical robots used in highly delicate surgeries. Here you can find...

      Written by: KennethSleight
    • Power Your Gadget with a Hop, Skip, and a Jump

      Why let all that effort in running around go to waste. Pick up a Personal Energy Generator (PEG) and use all that energy to power your gadgets in a brand new environmentally...

      Written by: B. Martin
    • Gadgets to Make Office Life Efficient & Interesting

      Life today has become competitive and goal oriented, and the best employees are those who are efficient and require lesser time to complete their tasks effectively. If you an office...

      Written by: unsel
    • Top Stress Relieving Gadgets

      Feeling stressed out? Then check out these top stress relief devices for your stressed out brain cells and get instant relief.

      Written by: unsel
    • Various Fingerprint Scanning Devices

      The scanning of fingerprints is not a new concept because it has been used in the field of security for ages. There have however been developments in the various fingerprint scanning...

      Written by: Shanna James
    • Top 10 Cool Electronic Gadgets

      Like owning cool electronic gadgets? Then check out this bunch of cool electronic gadgets that are easily available in online stores that you can buy now!

      Written by: unsel
    • 15 Office Gadgets You'll Want

      Hoping to find office gadgets that will improve your work environment, help keep you organized or just look cool on your desk? Look no further! We've found 15 of the coolest...

      Written by: Mitty Chang
    • Clever, Kooky and Capable Novelty Flash Drives

      A goofy, novelty flash drive makes a great gift. These funny gadgets are all 100 percent usable as well as entertaining.

      Written by: Rebecca Scudder
    • All Things USB: A Guide to Innovative USB Gadgets and Technology

      USB ports were created mainly for the universal aspect. This way many devices from different manufacturers can adapt to one connection design and the use of one port. This USB gadget...

      Written by: Shanna James
    • The Best Flash Memory Gifts You Can Give

      In this modern day and age of high technology and advanced equipment, flash memory gifts have become novel ideas for gift giving for different occasions. People have begun to appreciate...

      Written by: johnsinit
    • Top 20 Computer Game Gadgets

      In this list you'll find the best and most original in-game gadgets, from James Bond's Wristwatch to the almighty Pokéball!

      Written by: Danteh
    • The Best Portable Computer Gadgets

      There are simply too many portable computer gadgets out there in the market, so picking just one of them as the best portable computer gadget isn't really possible. But, here's...

      Written by: Om Thoke
    • Top 10 Super Cool USB Office Gadgets

      Whether you are shopping for a fun gift for a coworker or just want to lighten up your own desk, you cannot go wrong with entertaining and useful USB office gadgets. This top 10 list...

      Written by: Tricia Goss
    • Dell Streak 7 Preview

      The Dell Streak 7 is the latest tablet to be announced from Dell. Announced at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show and set to debut on T-Mobile's network, the Streak 7 is shaping...

      Written by: Robert Faustus
    • Solar-Powered Computer Charger Reviews & Buying Guide

      Now that you have purchased your new laptop or tablet, you find that it works great until the battery goes dead. Being on the go and not always within reach of a handy power outlet...

      Written by: KennethSleight
    • What is a Digital Pen?

      Digital pens are unique input devices that take a familiar-feeling writing utensil and fast forward it into the computer age. What is a digital pen, exactly? It is an input device...

      Written by: KennethSleight
    • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About e-Book Readers...and Then Some!

      As the brands and models of e-book readers proliferate, it is obvious e-books have come to be an integral part of the reading experience. Find out which e-book readers are best for...

      Written by: Rebecca Scudder
    • The Amazon Kindle: A Guide to All You Need to Know

      Once you've decided that you need an e-reader, you may feel overwhelmed by the choices - there are a lot of them! The Kindle alone has had nearly a dozen different options....

      Written by: William Springer
    • Reading In The Dark Just Got Easier

      Whether reading on a long flight or before bed, e-readers are a valuable asset to any book-lover. Reading in the dark or in dim lighting is no longer a problem with a light specifically...

      Written by: Ashlye Richardson
    • Just How Popular is Kindle?

      Amazon has always kept tight lips about its sales figures, both for Kindle units and books sold. This makes it hard to know exactly how many people read Kindle books but with information...

      Written by: KennethSleight
    • Take Your NOOK from Books to Beast

      The NOOK Color is the best cheap alternative tablet computer on the market today. What, you say? That’s an e-book reader? Of course it is - but, and this is a big but...

      Written by: KennethSleight
    • A Tutorial for Pictures from PC to the Nook Color

      Have a new Nook and wondering how to move pictures from your PC to the Nook Color? This article will show you how to transfer the pictures to your device.

      Written by: Rita A.
    • Read Library Books on Your Nook

      Want to learn how to download library books to Nook? This article will show you how to use Overdrive, an eBook database many libraries use, to download books to your Nook.

      Written by: Rita A.
    • Guide to Transferring Books to the Nook

      Purchased a new Nook and have questions? This article will show you how to transfer eBooks from Barnes & Noble to your Nook.

      Written by: Rita A.
    • Don't Lose Your Place When Reading on a Kindle

      Hate to put your story down for fear of losing your place? This article will show you how to bookmark your book no matter which Kindle you own.

      Written by: Rita A.
    • Removing Books From the Nook

      If you need to know how to delete books from the Nook Color this article will explain the ways in which you can do this. While not difficult, it does take a few steps.

      Written by: Rita A.
    • 15 Kitchen Gadgets You Should Have

      Every kitchen master and chef has his or her own idea of what belongs in their kitchen. This image gallery features fifteen gadgets that your kitchen ought to have. From pop art toast...

      Written by: Mitty Chang
    • The Best Gizmos and Gadgets For a High-Tech Kitchen

      The kitchen is full of gadgets from inexpensive cooking timers to elaborate toaster ovens. If you're a gadget lover, check out this article for information about details about kitchen...

      Written by: Janelle Martel
    • Modern Chefs Use Induction Cookers

      While gas prices continue to rise, many chefs are seeing induction cookers as a great investment. Overall, induction cookers are safer and more efficient than conventional stoves. Here...

      Written by: Ashlye Richardson
    • Top 5 Digital Toasters for the High Tech Kitchen

      Love to fill your kitchen with innovative gadgets? The following overview will help you to discover available features and determine which high tech toaster is right for you.

      Written by: Vasanth
    • Hi-Tech Toaster Buying Guide

      With the many advanced home appliances on the market today, the hi-tech toaster stands out as one of the few devices that offer multiple uses with innovative features. It is wonderful...

      Written by: johnsinit
    • Keep Track of Cooking Times With a Timer

      Compare the features of different digital kitchen timers and find out which one is right for your cooking needs.

      Written by: Vasanth
    • 10 Awesome Grilling Gadgets for This Summer

      Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Do you smell that? That sweet and smoky aroma that is causing your taste buds to salivate. That, my friend, is the smell of a charcoal grill...

      Written by: KennethSleight
    • Top 16 Unique Kitchen Timers

      Novelty kitchen timers are great little gifts for someone who loves to cook or fun gadgets to add to your own kitchen. Here are 16 timers that range from cute to techie to funny, so...

      Written by: Tricia Goss
    • High Tech Faucets: Who Makes the Best Kitchen Faucets?

      The faucet market is vast, there are many manufacturers and makers of high tech kitchen faucets, both high end and affordable. Find out who makes the best product on the market today...

      Written by: Shanna James
    • Top 10 Cheap High Tech Kitchen Gadgets

      Easier cooking is just a few clicks away with these high tech cheap kitchen gadgets. They do everything from cook the perfect egg to make s’mores in the microwave! There are...

      Written by: KennethSleight
    • High-Tech Spy Gadgets: What You Need to Know

      High tech spy gadgets are more than just fun and games. The world of spy gear that was immortalized in movies like Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Mission Impossible is out there and some of...

      Written by: KennethSleight
    • Spy Gadgets for the Novice and Professional

      The world is moving quickly and devices that were available only to the super spy a few years ago can now be bought by anyone. These gadgets can let you record video and audio, see...

      Written by: Elton Gahr
    • Did You Know This Was a Spy Gadget?

      A great spy is nothing without smooth conversation and, of course, good spy gadgets. Here are a list of cool spy gadgets that allow any spy to covertly gather information.

      Written by: Ashlye Richardson
    • Never Be in the Dark About What's Happening in Your Home

      Is something odd going on in your home but you can't quite prove it? Never be in the dark again with hidden security cameras shedding light on everything going on. There are...

      Written by: B. Martin
    • Spy Pens: What to Look for in a Spy Camera Pen

      Are you planning to buy a spy camera pen? Here are tips you should consider before making a purchase.

      Written by: Kumara Velu
    • High Tech Spy Gadgets

      High tech spy gadgets features fantastic toy spy gear for children to play and experience realistic espionage activities. These toys enable kids to do actual undercover tasks in their...

      Written by: Claudine Baugh
    • Top 10 Kids' Spy Gadgets

      Spy gadgets have become one of the most popular toys for kids today. With so many neat toys and gadgets out there it is hard to narrow it down but here is a look at the top 10 kids'...

      Written by: Erin281982
    • Top 10 Wrist Watch Mobile Phones

      Here is a list of the best wrist watch mobile phones on the market today, with details about their specifications, capabilities and options.

      Written by: Jon Cevski
    • Spy Tracking Equipment

      While you may not want to admit it, wouldn't it be great to use spy tracking equipment to keep abreast of your child’s or friend's movements? You can constantly monitor...

      Written by: Piyush Jain
    • Inexpensive Spy Gear

      Great inexpensive spy gear for children and adults. This article lists quite a number of spy gadgets that are effective and adequate to perform any covert mission.

      Written by: Claudine Baugh
    • Gadgets You Have to Try This Winter!

      Don't let winter weather get the best of you! Take a look at our picks for the top 10 gadgets designed to keep you warm, active and having fun - no matter what the temperature!

      Written by: Elizabeth Wistrom
    • Top Gadgets for Your Man Cave for Under $50

      The man cave should be the coziest room for the man of the house. Deck it out with some of the best gadgets available. While these won't break your budget they will keep you entertained...

      Written by: KennethSleight
    • Gizmos and Gadgets to Make School Fun

      One good thing about heading back to school: it's a great excuse to buy that new computer or e-reader you've had your eye on! Check out these items that will make your...

      Written by: William Springer
    • The Best of the Best Pool Cleaners-No Effort Required

      Tossing a robotic pool cleaner into your pool and having the pool sparkling clean in one hour is no longer a dream. The amazing devices do all the work for you. Some robotic pool cleaners...

      Written by: Tori Forner
    • Keep Your Cool With Hot Gadgets

      Peruse this list of the coolest gadgets of the year that can provide the ultimate in comfort and fun. Investigate pricing and purchase options and how these cool gadgets can work for...

      Written by: Janelle Martel
    • Overview of Pest Control Gadgets That Use Sound and Vibrations

      Discover the features of electronic pest control devices and find out whether or not these products are effective at repelling insects and rodents.

      Written by: Vasanth
    • All the Luxuries of Home While You’re on the Road

      Traveling presents an entire host of challenges to someone that enjoys having everything at their fingertips. The following travel gadgets help you bring the luxuries of home with...

      Written by: KennethSleight
    • Stay Motivated During Workouts With These Great Gadgets

      Enhance your workout routine with the following fitness gadgets. Some are designed to monitor your workout, while others motivate you to exercise more.

      Written by: Vasanth
    • Locate and Catch Fish With These Gadgets

      Go fishing with the following fishing gadgets. Discover their features and find out how they can improve your fishing experience.

      Written by: Vasanth
    • Round-up Of Ten Awesome Home Gadgets That Can Be Used In Your House

      If you are constantly on the lookout for useful and practical home gadgets that are tasteful and useful, here is a round-up of 10 awesome gadgets.

      Written by: Brenda Barrett
    • Vroom Vroom! RC Cars Buying Guide

      Buying someone an RC car in the holidays can be pretty stressful; which is a shame as the cars themselves are so much fun! Whether you are buying for a toddler, a teen, or that...

      Written by: Wendy Finn
    • Unbelievably Awesome Gadgets For Kids

      Coolness is in the eye of the beholder, yet most people will agree that all of the gadgets in this list are pretty cool! This list is divided into two age groups determined by difficulty...

      Written by: Tori Forner
    • The Best Toys and Games for the Whole Family

      There are a wide number of different types of electronic toys and games available on the market today. This guide will provide you with reviews, suggestions and advice on what to look...

      Written by: Janelle Martel
    • At Home Tech: Robotic Arm Kits

      Programmable robotic arm kits are some of the best gifts for kids and teens with a passion for building things. They are also good teaching tools for use in introductory lessons on...

      Written by: KennethSleight
    • Is it Real or Robotic? The Dinosaur of the Future

      Imagine a dinosaur that has feelings. A curious and inquisitive creature wanting to explore its surroundings. The dinosaur lets you know if its happy or sad. It is affected by temperature...

      Written by: Tori Forner
    • Looking for Some Creative Hobby to Pass Time? Make a Toy Car That Moves

      If you are researching how to build an electronic toy car, you need not go beyond the level of high school science projects. It is as simple as taking a brushed DC motor to rotate a...

      Written by: N Nayab
    • Top 5 Heroic Wizard Games

      Wizards permeate all realms of our imagination. From evil dark wizards who wish to conquer the land to heroic wizards who want to put things right, you can encounter them all through...

      Written by: Kristina Dems
    • Build a Real, Working Robot with This Lego Mindstorms Kit

      LEGO Mindstorms brought the building kit hobby to new heights with its first iteration. With its latest version, it offers more in terms of both hardware and software.

      Written by: Kristina Dems
    • Tips and Tricks: Lego Mindstorms NXT Robotic Toy

      LEGO Mindstorms NXT is not just kids play. It is a serious foray into robotics designed to be fun and interesting both for kids and for people intrigued by the technology of robotics...

      Written by: Kristina Dems
    • Fun Gadgets for the Entire Family

      Looking for fun gadgets? Check out the top 10 fun gadgets that set the mood and keep your family amused.

      Written by: unsel

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