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Feeling the Need for Speed? Ultimate Buying Guide to Remote Control Cars

Buying someone an RC car in the holidays can be pretty stressful; which is a shame as the cars themselves are so much fun! Whether you are buying for a toddler, a teen, or that big kid that just won’t grow up, we have got some great options for you with some top notch buying advice too.

Man Cave Gadgets to Liven Up The Room

The man cave should be the coziest room for the man of the house. Deck it out with some of the best gadgets available. While these won’t break your budget they will keep you entertained and give your buddies something to be envious of. Add one of these conversation starting gadgets to your man cave

The Future of Touch-Screen Technology

With the recent touch-screen revolution there has been rampant speculation about the future of touch-screen technology. This is one case where the speculation might actually fall short of the reality. Take a short trip into the future and see what might be.

Complete Guide to e-Book Readers From A to Z

As the brands and models of e-book readers proliferate, it is obvious e-books have come to be an integral part of the reading experience. Find out which e-book readers are best for your needs, how to acquire books to read, and how best to use them.

Complete Guide to High-Tech Spy Gadgets for Every Budget

High tech spy gadgets are more than just fun and games. The world of spy gear that was immortalized in movies like Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Mission Impossible is out there and some of it is the real deal. This guide will help you determine where to put your money to have a well rounded spy closet.

Complete Guide to Kitchen Gadgets.

The kitchen is full of gadgets from inexpensive cooking timers to elaborate toaster ovens. If you’re a gadget lover, check out this article for information about details about kitchen essentials and luxuries for every price range.

Gifts and Life Changers: A Complete Guide to Robots

This complete guide to robots covers everything from the best robotic toy animals for your child to cutting edge medical robots used in highly delicate surgeries. Here you can find information on industrial robotics, where to buy robot kits, and how to decide on the best robotic pet for X-mas.

An Image Gallery of Cool Spy Gadgets

The world is moving quickly and devices that were available only to the super spy a few years ago can now be bought by anyone. These gadgets can let you record video and audio, see in the dark and protect yourself from the same devices. So while these won’t make you James Bond you can feel like him.

The Complete Amazon Kindle User’s Guide

Once you’ve decided that you need an e-reader, you may feel overwhelmed by the choices – there are a lot of them! The Kindle alone has had nearly a dozen different options. From the technology behind the popular e-reader to helpful tips on how to use the device, here’s a guide to the Amazon Kindle.