Google has become a household name and a verb, meaning to find something on the internet: “Google it”. Not only does Google have the most widely used search engine in the world, they also have a number of online productivity tools, like Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar, and many other apps. Here to help you navigate through all the products Google has to offer is Jean Amprimoz and his talented team of technology writers. Bring your technology questions here! Let us know how we can help you!

Android Devices Threatened by Oracle Java APIs?

Oracle is suing Google over the alleged theft of their intellectual property. Google is accused of stealing several thousand lines of Java code. What is this case about and what is the potential impact to Google if they lose?

The Unofficial Guide to the New-Look Gmail

Whether you’re a big fan of Gmail or use it out of necessity, you should be pretty happy to find that the slightly tired-looking user interface has finally been updated with a choice of slick and functional new styles. But what else has changed?

Are You a Google Docs Master?

Browser based online office solution Google Documents features three tools: a word processor, a spreadsheet and a presentations editor. But how much do you know about them?

Google’s Evolution: From New Kid to Big Brother

Google knows everything about you – or at least stuff that you wouldn’t expect it to know. Whether you use services provided by the search giant or not, the fact is that things are getting a little out of hand. So I wrote the once exciting tech start-up a letter expressing my concerns…

What’s Happening to Google Notebook and Desktop

Google discontinued Google Notebook and Google Desktop as part of a “fall/spring clean” in 2011. Google has always been known for working on a large number of products at once. Notebook and Desktop fell by the wayside as Google continued to focus on a smaller number of more polished products.

Google’s Government Influence – A New Lobbyist Rises

Google’s power is easy to understand. They’re a fundamental part of the Internet as we know it, and a massive company with a lot of money to throw around. After a bit of a delay, they’re now getting around to using that power to twist governments and public opinion to meet their needs.

How to Add & Use Your MasterCard on Google Wallet

If you have the right MasterCard and the right phone, setting up Google Wallet to draw on your MasterCard so you can pay for purchases at stores right from your phone is easy. Even those who lack one or the other can have some of the convenience offered.

Google Docs: Do You Know the Basics?

Google Docs, in many ways, is more accessible and cooler than traditional office software. Take this quiz and learn about some nifty Google Docs features.

Google Calendar Guide: Tips & Troubleshooting

Google Calendar is a great tool for those who need to manage their schedules and tasks. One of the neatest features of this online application is the ability to coordinate schedules and create appointment slots. No matter what your needs are – from syncing to troubleshooting, there’s a solution!

Gmail User’s Guide

Of the many tools created by Google Gmail is one of the most complex. This complexity comes from the many ways in which you can create, filter and personalize your email. It also comes from the number of other tools which are included in Gmail and this guide can help you with them all.