Enterprise Security

Twenty years ago, if asked to describe a security team at a large corporation, one would likely conjure up images of guards staffing the front door and night watchmen walking the halls after closing. Today, a different security staff is devoted to protecting against threats streaming in through networks and mobile devices.The Enterprise security channel at BrightHub.com offers expert advice and information on a variety of IT-related issues including computer network and information security, as well as online privacy concerns. From the daily annoyances of spam, virus and malware protection to the growing threat of database hacking, large businesses are devoting large budgets to IT security.Managing Editor Michele McDonough and her team of technical writers offer up-to-date, expert advice and information on the increasing IT security concerns facing large businesses today. IT staff and security specialists are invited to join the discussion and voice your opinion in teh comments. Find the expert information you’re searching, and a community of security professionals at BrightHub.com.

Fighting Against Cyber Security Risks

The article highlights how you can make your business network, business devices, and storage all more secure. Cyber security is growing more important are people are sacrificing security for convenience. With these tips, you can bulk up your security to avoid falling victim to a hacker.

Reasons Why You May Want To Use A VPN

Simply put, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables remote access to a group of networked computers through a public interface, such as the Internet. VPNs are often used by businesses and schools to grant authorized employees or students access to network resources.

A Guide to Network Security for the Small Business

Network security is the sum of all policies and measures adopted to monitor and prevent unauthorized access and use of the organization’s computing resources. In the age where security concerns are at an all-time high and attracting front page news, network security becomes a critical function.

Test Your Security Terminology Knowledge!

Are you a network security administrator? Do you know your SNMP from your MRTG? How about your IPS and your IDS? Take this security terminology quiz to see just how much you know in this quiz on security terminology.

Do Hacktivists Hack Businesses?

The recent spate of cyber attacks has brought the role of hacktivists into center stage. Hacktivist groups such as Anonymous and LulzSec have claimed responsibility for much of the major high profile hacks in the recent past. But is there a method in the madness? Whom do hacktivists target?

Learning How to Audit Building Security

Putting in place private security forces and security devices does not fully guarantee the safety of customers, employees and property. Hence, business organizations are advised to assign the task of monitoring these measures to experts who have adequate knowledge on how to audit building security.

A Disaster Plan for Customer Privacy Rights Breaches

The advancement in computing and networking has made things easy, but also increases instances of cyber crime. Leveraging the benefits offered by technology requires posting and storing sensitive private data online, but cyber criminals stealing such data for their nefarious ends is commonplace.

Who Is At Risk for Credit Card Skimming?

Credit card skimming puts at risk everyone who uses a card at a restaurant or other retail location where you must hand it over to a staff member who then takes it out of your sight. Protecting yourself from skimming can be as easy as taking your card to a cashier instead of a waiter.

Understanding Anti-Spam Laws

An estimated 90 percent of all emails in mid 2010 were spam; contrast this against seven percent in 2001. To make matters worse, most of these are fraud or deceptive in nature, and may contain malware or other security risks. Anti-spam laws that try to control the menace have met limited success.