Top Five Network Admin Apps for Computer Network Administrators

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In my experience, I’ve found the following five apps to be the most hopeful in working as a computer network administrator.

1. IP Tools – Network Utilities

This IP and network administration tool has a sleek, simple, and easy to follow interface, which is great for those who don’t like clutter. It features some of the basic network tools you can find on Windows and Linux, and in a manner of seconds, no matter where you are, it’ll update you on the status of your network and its connection. It even allows for router setup through smartphone and tablet. IP Tools is great for troubleshooting network issues, and its Ping tools allow for easy detection and pinpointing of packet loss.

LAN scanner, DNS lookup, IP calculator, Trace Route, these are just some of the many features within the app. IP Tools is available for free on Android devices and Apple products.

2. Network Utility for IOS

Unfortunately this app is only available on apple products. However, it does have some unique features that make it a must have alternative for apple users who are network administrators. Network Utility features a handy ping graph that will visualize Ping response times in real-time. Another handy feature is its Geo IP tool, which allows a user to locate the real-world geographic location of an IP address or Domain.

Network Utility is free and only available for IOS users.

3. Overlook Fing – Network Tools

Fing is a great app to check devices connected to your network, and to identify unwanted ports that are open. It features useful tools for security checks, device management, and DNS look up. Fing provides very detailed information about the devices connected to your network including: network addresses and name and manufacturers. Its interface is a little clutter some and it is definitely for experienced network administrators, but it is home to a lot of excellent features, it’s accurate, and it’s very helpful in determining connectivity issues on any network.

Overlook’s Fing is not only available for free on Android and Apple mobile devices as an application, but it is also available as a desktop command-line tool for windows, OS X, and Linux.

4. Spiceworks – Help Desk

While Spiceworks’ Help Desk is an app geared towards network administrators who also take on IT responsibilities, it’s worth mentioning. Help Desk allows users to access any tickets submitted to their help desk from anywhere. It also features a helpful voice ticket input, which serves as voice memo pad for creating tickets quickly. Help Desk also allows users to view all hardware and software on their network. But it’s most interesting feature is it’s forum-styled discussion board, which allows you to discuss IT related topics and issues with other IT users, and help one another troubleshoot network related issues.

Spiceworks’ Help Desk is available on both Android and Apple mobile devices for free.

5. Mocha VNC Lite

This is another handy app for network administrators who do a lot of IT work. With Mocha VNC Lite, a user can remotely manage and control any VNC-based server from their mobile device. This allows for users to connect to any Windows or Mac OS X computer stations through their smart phones or tablets, and browse through files, programs, and any other resources as if they were sitting in front of their computer.

Mocha VNC Lite is available on both Android and Apple devices.

These five apps are designed to ease your workload as a computer and network administrator, and provide you with quick and helpful tools that facilitate multi-tasking. They are made to be used while on the move, from work or at home, and allow access to typical desktop functions through your mobile devices.

About the Author: Kenneth Oms is a recent college graduate who hopes to one day be a tech industry writer. He works as a community relations coordinator for Remington College.