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Will Mankind Make it to Mars?

The Red Planet has always been visible from Earth. It’s a tiny red speck in the sky that you can cover with your thumb, yet it remains millions of miles away. Mankind has had their eyes on Mars for quite a while — and we’re inching ever closer to landing the first crews there.

All About Dark Matter: What is This Mysterious Substance?

Dark matter: it sounds like a sinister creation in a science fiction novel, but it’s probably much more real than that. Most scientists believe that dark matter accounts for over 80% of all matter in the universe. Researchers don’t know exactly what is it and where it is, but they have theories.

How Much of a Threat is Space Junk?

Not content with polluting the Earth and its atmosphere we are now cluttering up space with dead, useless satellites and other assorted space junk. In our quest for self-gratification our ability to pollute knows no bounds.

Giordano Bruno: A Monk Ahead of his Time

Giordano Bruno was a monk on a mission. He believed life existed outside of the Earth, that the sun wasn’t the center of the Universe, and that the Virgin Mary wasn’t a virgin. The Church fried him for such beliefs, and now there’s a crater on the moon with his name on it.

Man In Space – A Spacewalk Image Gallery

One of the most exiting activities of spaceflight have occurred when astronauts and cosmonauts left their spacecraft and floated free in space. The early spacewalks or Extra Vehicehicular Activities (EVA) were done to learn if man could function free in space. Later he built and repaired structures.

A Gallery of Amazing Deep Space Images

The Hubble Space Telescope has given us spectacular images of deep space objects that not only have expanded our knowledge of the Universe but shown us its beauty. Here are a few of the most spectacular deep space images HST has given us.

Are You a Moon Mission Mastermind?

The Apollo spacecraft flew to the Moon nine times. Each mission was different and discovered new data about the Moon. Each also had its own times of drama and excitement–one more than the others. How much do you remember or know about the Apollo missions? Are you a Moon-mission mastermind?

Image Gallery – Striking Galaxy Images

The Universe is incredibly large. Vast empty stretches of space are dotted with a wide array of galaxies — huge cities of stars, each containing hundreds of billions of suns. Take a look at some of the most visually striking and profound galactic images.

Images From Mars From NASA’s Rover Opportunity

NASA’s twin rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, were slated for a three month life. Both far exceeded that. Spirit is now dead but Opportunity continues its trek of exploration over Mars since 2004. The images it continues to return are staggering.

Spacecraft in Pictures

The Space Age has given us some of the most exciting images in history. Rockets blasting off, spacecraft landing, images from other worlds. Here are a collection of some spacecraft in pictures that excited the world.

A Guide to the International Space Station

Do you know how big the International Space Station and when it was completed? Or what are its main goals? Read our guide and find out how the ISS was formed, its key objectives, missions, modules and what are its accomplishments so far.