Endangered Species

When a species becomes engandered or extinct the effects can be devasting for local as well as world biodiversity. Enter the Engandered Species topic at the Environmental Science Channel to learn about current threats to endangered species such as shark finning and the impact of whaling on current whale populations. Find out which animals have become extinct over the past 100 years, and what you can do to prevent extinction over the next 100. Our best tools to helping our planet is knowledge. So join us on our journey around the world to visit fascinating animals; learn why you should help save species from extinction and find tools and resources to help you do just that.

Endangered Species: Then & Now

We’ve already lost several species to extinction in the modern era. Some of the most recent include the Chinese Dolphin Fish and the White Possum. These creatures didn’t get the media exposure of the Giant Panda and American Bald Eagle and worse, they may have been casualties of human endeavors.

Learn About Endangered Species With This Quiz

Do you ever wonder about the threats facing Earth’s animals and plants? Do you know which endangered species are most at risk, and what is being done to protect them? Test your knowledge with this fun quiz and find out some interesting facts about endangered species.

Are Bottlenose Dolphins Endangered Species?

Bottlenose dolphins are one of the most popular marine mammals. However, with rapid habitat destruction, harvesting, and human infestation in marine areas, the question arises – are bottlenose dolphins an endangered species like many other animals and plants under threat? Here is the answer.

All About The Most Endangered Rainforest Species

The biodiversity of rainforests is amazing and important from the ecological point of view. Widespread rainforest destruction has, unfortunately, led to many species being put on the most endangered rainforest species list. They will soon vanish if proper conservation steps are not taken.