• Nothing but the Facts About the Constellation Virgo

    Virgo, or the virgin, is the largest zodiac constellation and the second largest constellation in the sky. There are a number of interesting facts about the constellation Virgo and we will go into some of them here.
    By informationishere April 15, 2013 

  • Our Dusty Solar System and the Phenomenon of Zodiacal Light

    Have you ever spotted a faint oval glow near the horizon in spring or autumn? Then you may have seen the Zodiacal Light. Count yourself lucky! Most people spend their entire lives without ever witnessing this phenomenon. But if you want to know...
    By PhilBagnall August 10, 2012 

  • Shooting Stars: What Are They & Where Can I See Them?

    Have you ever wondered what a shooting star is? Well, for one thing, it isn't a star at all. It is a meteoroid. There are certain times of the year when you can see hundreds of 'shooting stars' clustered together in meteor showers. The...
    By Kyra August 10, 2012 

  • The Sun: Not Such a Typical Star

    Astronomers will tell you that the Sun is a "typical star" but just how true is this statement?
    By PhilBagnall January 24, 2012 

  • The Folklore and Reality Behind the Next Planetary Alignment

    News of the next planet alignment seems to occur every few years. Each event comes with a slew of apocalyptic warnings from doomsayers, selling the pseudo-science of planetary alignments. Before the supposed 2012 planetary alignment, learn the truth behind...
    By Dorothy Bland December 23, 2011 

  • Do You Have a Galaxy of Knowledge About Galaxies?

    There are more galaxies in the Universe than there are stars in our Milky Way. And, they come in all shapes and sizes. What do you know about the billions of galaxies in the Universe?
    By George Adcock November 24, 2011 

  • Image Gallery of Stellar Violence

    There is violence in the Milky Way. Stars are exploding. They are consuming each other. They are having tugs of war with each other's mass. Images of this violence not only are beautiful and exciting, they are interesting astronomically.
    By George Adcock November 18, 2011 

  • The Hyades and the Pleiades

    Wrap up warm, grab your binoculars and focus on two of the most spectacular open clusters in the winter sky: the Hyades and the Pleiades.
    By PhilBagnall November 12, 2011 

  • A Guide for Shedding Some Light on Black Holes

    Want to learn about black holes? This is a collection of articles to help you to understand the formation and structure of black holes, and the theories that describe them.
    By Hannah Whiteoak October 21, 2011 

  • All About the Cartwheel Galaxy

    The Cartwheel Galaxy is the result of a collision between two galaxies. Find out more about it in this Bright Hub article.
    By vancepreed September 28, 2011 
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