Want to know the facts about constellations like the Big Dipper? What is a constellation anyway? Learn all about general Astronomy here with articles about stars, galaxies, exoplanets, comets, meteor showers, celestial events like the winter solstice and and autumnal equinox among many other interesting topics.

Image Gallery – Striking Galaxy Images

The Universe is incredibly large. Vast empty stretches of space are dotted with a wide array of galaxies — huge cities of stars, each containing hundreds of billions of suns. Take a look at some of the most visually striking and profound galactic images.

An Examination of HII Regions

Clouds of ionized hydrogen are commonly found in spiral and irregular galaxies. These fascinating regions in space consist of thousands of stars. Find out what they are, how they are formed and what their eventual fate is.

Astronomy in Ancient Mesopotamia

Astronomy in Ancient Mesopotamia was as much a mixture of religion and astrology as it was a science, but its methods had a significant influence on later Western astronomers.

Destination Jupiter! The New Jupiter Probe

On August 5, Juno began a five year flight to Jupiter. On arrival, it will spend a year making measurements of the gas giant’s magnetic, gravity and radiation fields. It will measure the water in the atmosphere and other atmospheric components. The goal—is our theory of planet formation correct?

Discovering the Intriguing Titania of Uranus

Titania is one of the largest and most distant moons of our Solar System. Its existence arouses mystery and wonder since no specific mission has ever studied this beautiful and largest moon of Uranus and very little is known about it.

Supernova Remnants: The Broken Bodies of Stars

On average, once every half century in our Milky Way galaxy, a star blows itself apart and nearly outshines the entire galaxy. The star effectively spills its guts upon the galactic landscape, enriching it with heavier elements like iron, silver, gold and uranium.

Learn About Australian Aboriginal Astronomy

The Australian Aboriginal people have a relationship with astronomy that stretches back through many generations. Read on to discover the meaning that astronomy has for the Aboriginal people, how it effects their way of life, and how their stories and traditions give meaning to the night sky.

Free Astronomy Sky Software That is Free to Download

Have you ever wanted to know more about the Universe, but couldn’t afford your own space ship? Some software prices are pretty outrageous, too. But now you have no excuse. Here you learn about free astronomy software that you can download right away. The sky is now at your beck and call.

Astronomy Reasons the Sun and Moon Are Seen During the Day

The overwhelming brightness of the Sun makes it impossible to view stars or planets during the day, but our close neighbor, the Moon, isn’t like those other astronomical objects. In fact, the Moon is visible during the day! But, why? Simple. It’s astronomical.