Film Production

Learn advice and tips from filmmakers and producers on how to get the nitty-gritty of your production taken care of. From managing actors and crew members, to financing your big project, learn the best ways to make your movie. Whether you’re tackling your first independent production or have been doing this for years, find all the answers to your questions on film production.

Quiz: Do You Know Your Video Formats?

Learning the ins and outs of HD video can be intimidating even for the most experienced videographer. Here is a quiz to see where you are at, and what you still need to learn.

25 Movies That Changed The World

At least one movie has affected every one of us in our lifetime. Covered here are 25 of the all time best movies that have changed the world in one way or another. See if your list matches ours.

A Complete Guide to Budget Filmmaking

When setting out to make a movie, you don’t have to have millions of dollars on hand for the production. Many people make movies every year for little to no out-of-pocket expenses. From pre-production to the filmmaking process itself, here is a guide to making your own low budget movie.

A Comprehensive Guide to Film Production for Beginners

Making a movie can be a lot of fun but it’s the producers who have to make sure that it is completed and of a good enough quality to sell to make investors their money back. From hiring a crew to the production and eventual distribution of the film, here are tips for beginner film producers.

The Guide to Making No-Budget Films

When one thinks about making a movie, millions of dollars are needed to complete this endeavor. Even when someone considers a micro budget movie, up to $100,000 is still needed to complete this. However, there is a way to make a film for no money. You just need a plan and a solid group of friends.