Find thought provoking articles on helping your students with autism written by and for special education teachers. Autism is a condition that can range from mild forms of aspergers to severe autism. Students with this condition often have impaired social interaction and communication. There are a number of things we as teacher can do to help autistic students, from assistive technology to effective classroom management techniques.

New Disability Funding to Help Children with Autism

Funding is a word that strikes fear into the heart of many a special education teacher! Private early intervention and support for children with autism is expensive. Government disability funding is often hard to come by, particularly in the area of autism funding. So what’s the story in Australia?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Treatment for Autism

Typically, parents always look for the best education for their autistic child. It is true that some children will respond better in some educational communities than in others. In schools with programs with ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), students with autism can thrive and have academic success.