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Invitation Templates for Free

written by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 4/22/2011

Free online templates for making invitations, to print at the home or office, can be found on various websites. This article roots out where the best and most user-friendly resources are on the Web. If you have an upcoming event and want an inexpensive way to get the word out, read on.

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    Finding the Best Templates

    Invitation Sample Invitations designed from the free templates available on the Internet are a quick and easy desktop project that can benefit the small or home office (SOHO) and be quite handy for a host of personal uses as well. Printed invitations are a great way to promote a small business event. Create a catchy invitation to announce an a sale, an open house, a wine tasting, or anything else pertinent to the type of business you operate. It's also a great way to announce your presence and advertise your company’s capabilities.

    As far as invitations for personal use, free templates for everything from a birthday party to a wedding are easily accessible on the Web. (For more on DIY wedding invitations, please see Tips and Resources for Making Your Own Wedding Invitations.) This is another article in my free template series, pinpointing the best resources for you to produce desktop publishing materials with no affect on your bottom line.

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    Downloadable Templates

    Retirement Party Invitation First of all, if you are pressed for time or you’re not feeling creative and you want the quickest, easiest solution to making invitations using Microsoft Word, go to and peruse their collection to find the right solution for you. Some of their categories include business, event, and parties for all seasons and just about all reasons. You are also presented with numerous choices in design and layout in each sub-category to choose from. After you find the invitation template that suits your needs, it’s just a brief matter of customizing and tweaking it and then sending that result to your printer. It doesn’t get much easier than this as long as you don’t overdo the tweaking.

    Another site with an extensive array of invitation templates, arranged on a multi page layout categorized alphabetically, which I liked is at You’ll need Adobe PDF Reader software, which can be downloaded free, installed on your PC to work with these templates.

    You will also find a decent selection of invitation templates at With these templates you are given a lot of lee way to use your creativity to design and customize a printable invitation.

    With these resources you will have everything you need to create a high-quality, suitable invitation. Build it, and they will come.

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