Cloning Quiz: Separating Fact from Fiction

Ever since Dolly the sheep made headlines, cloning has been a hot button issue around the world. There is a lot of misinformation out there about what cloning is, what constitutes a clone and how clones are made. Can you separate the fact from fiction?

Remembering Dolly: Advances in Cloning Technology

Variations on a theme: the different techniques used in animal cloning are more similar than they are different. However, they have become more efficient, and more common since Dolly. Did you know that Dolly was not the first cloned animal? That honor goes to her cousins Megan and Morag.

Remembering Dolly: Cloning Basics

More than a decade has passed since cloned sheep Dolly splashed across the news and caused a great debate in the entire world. Here we look back, remembering gentle Dolly, and look at what’s happened since in the art and science of cloning.