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Free Templates to Make Holiday Cards

written by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 6/29/2011

Designing holiday cards from the many free templates available on the Internet is an inexpensive and easy way to send salutations and good wishes to your family and friends. This magnanimous desktop publishing project will be a snap with the excellent resources I pinpoint in this article.

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    Printable holiday greeting cards made from the free templates available on the Web are a simple desktop publishing task to accomplish that will save you money and time. With a template, the basic outline of the printable card is already done for you and there are different options for designs, content (including various winter scenes, religious messages of different denominations, and who it is for) and the dimensions of the card itself. If you want to inject your own creativity using photos, graphics, and special text, then the project will take you a little longer but otherwise you can just print one of the selected templates after you customize it to your liking. Rather than slog thru all the results your search engine turns up, go directly to the best sites which I will provide you with here to save you the time of doing your own research.

    The first resource worth looking into, especially for the designing capabilities available, is located at Once you choose your computer platform and download the desired template, you simply begin the design process which the site walks you through. The site also has useful links to buy card paper and you can even send the finished online project to a commercial printer if you don’t want to print them yourself.

    The second source I recommend, especially for producing the ever popular Christmas photo cards, is run by Hewlett-Packard which is surprisingly a good resource for many desktop publishing projects. Step-by-step instructions lead you through the process in their Design Studio and they also provide decorative envelopes. Go to to investigate their offerings. Photo Tidings is another option for you.

    Finally, for the ease of use and familiarity that most people already have with Microsoft Office, see the extensive set of templates they have for a myriad of holidays by going to

    Also worth considering for this holiday project is the card designing software offered by Picaboo at How it works is that you download the program for free, design and create from one of their many card options using their easy to use process with your own pictures. Then they make the cards for you and ship them for very competitive prices.

    So use these templates and get busy crossing people off your list. Building your own personalized printable card will give you more satisfaction when you’re through with it plus you're going to save a few bucks by not having to buy them. The holidays are rapidly approaching so jump on this project early and consider that kind words are often more value tp people than material goods. Refer to my article on Free Calendars, which is listed in this article series below, to get a jump on the New Year too.