What is DNA and How does it Work?

Venture deep inside the nucleus to explore the structure and function of DNA. The molecule’s structure is key to its function and replication, and it controls its own replication and transcription in a way that is both simple and highly complicated.

Forensic Justice: Crime Fighting with DNA

Shows about forensic crime-fighting with DNA are a big hit on TV, but they usually skimp on the details. If you’ve ever wondered just how DNA profiling works, and how it’s used in the justice system, this collection of articles is a great place to start.

Genetic Testing vs. Genetic Screening

There is a comparison genetic screening vs. genetic testing because both of these terms are often interchanged in terms of their meaning. What are the differences in genetic testing vs. genetic screening? This information will elucidate on the distinction between the two.

Prenatal Genetic Testing for Learning Disabilities

Genetic testing for learning disabilities is used to determine if an unborn child will have a disability. The tests can prepare parents on how to provide support for the child’s disability. In this article you will learn about the genetic tests available and how they are performed.