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Business Forms: Free Templates to Manage Your Small Business

written by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 2/24/2009

There are plenty of websites on the Internet where you can obtain free, printable business form templates. These templates let you create and customize your forms to suit your needs. In this article I will pinpoint the best online resources for you to get these helpful desktop publishing documents.

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    There are a lot of forms and types of documentation inherently necessary in order to manage a small business effectively. Utilizing free online templates to create and customize business forms is a cheap and easy way to keep the many tentacles of your entrepreneurial endeavor organized and efficient. Many types of useful forms can be downloaded from websites to help you manage your business affairs. This list isn’t exhaustive, but on the sites I will highlight in this article you will find templates for service or sales invoices; meeting agendas; bills of lading; purchase orders; reports; petty cash logs; agreements; IRS forms; tax forms; W9 forms; inventories; referrals; bids; awards; letters of recommendation and more.

    A really helpful source with a massive supply of shared business forms and documents is located at With 33 pages of downloadable templates, this site (Docstoc) is more than likely going to have what you need and will no doubt expand your knowledge about how to most efficiently manage your firm.

    I found another treasure trove of printable business forms at Templates to create ledgers, bookkeeping forms, expense reports, customer surveys, and 500 other selections are available to download and personalize to suit your company’s specific needs.

    Another site which you might want to visit is at On this site you are presented with a general list of categories and when you click on desired the type you need; you are then led to another page with all the templates that correspond to that variety of form.

    A site I found very useful in terms of acquiring financially related documents for your small business was at This site offers templates to create any of the following DTP materials: Balance Sheet (Projected), Breakeven Analysis, Cash Flow Statement (12 Months), Cash Flow Statement (4 Years), Financial Forecast, Loan Amortization Schedule, Profit and Loss Projection (12 Months), and Start-Up Expenses. Incidentally, this site is also extremely useful for the purposes of creating a business plan which I covered in another article in this series.

    Well there you have it; a cornucopia of business forms to suit virtually all the needs of your small business. Find the templates you need, customize that particular form, and then send it to your printer. For more information about the many sources and useful functions of online templates; refer to my series entitled Helpful and Free Desktop Publishing Templates.

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