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Event Announcement Templates: Free Online Resources

written by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 7/24/2009

Free templates to customize and create event and announcement cards are easily accessible on the Web and a snap for the novice to manipulate and execute this desktop publishing task inexpensively and quickly. This article will show you where to find these free templates.

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    Event and announcement cards/posters designed from the free template sources on the Internet can be a great way to get the word out on your business or personal happenings. This is the last installment of my series of articles guiding you to the Internet sites which enable you to finish a host of desktop publishing projects at the home or office. All you need to achieve great results is a computer, internet access, a printer, and a little right brain creativity. The research and writing I did to locate these template resources will enable you to produce virtually all the desktop publishing materials there are to promote and market your small business with no strain on the company budget.

    Event announcements will assist you in attracting new customers and also keep existing patrons abreast of the products, services, and offerings you have available or scheduled for them. Event listings are also quite convenient for personal use. Templates can be customized as attention-grabbers to showcase anything from a sale to an open house or an industry-related gathering. Just use the templates to produce anything for distribution that will raise awareness for an occasion to benefit your business.

    The first supply worth checking out is at Microsoft has plenty of templates here to choose from and you can choose the colors and fonts to add to the text and graphics that you decide to include on the ready-made design.

    Another good jumping off point is at Here you have a lot of links to the places where you can find various categories of templates to create event flyers along with downloadable templates on the site itself.

    Consider also the many printing companies who have templates you can customize online and then they will print them and send them to you or, for further convenience, to the recipients on a mailing list you submit along with the final design. VistaPrint is an easy solution for this service and they are always running promotional deals with huge savings. Go to to see if this might work best for you.

    Utilize the free templates listed above to produce a professional-looking event announcement for an effective advertising campaign at little or no cost. Browse any of the other articles about free templates on the Bright Hub Desktop Publishing channel to decide the most effective way to publicize your small business.