Second Grade Math Activities

Second graders often struggle with math. As a teacher, making math fun can be a challenge. These second grade math activities will both teach your students important math concepts and help them actually enjoy learning!

Math Activities for Kids

Use these math activities for kids to keep your students in the learning mode even as they are having fun! Teaching is so much more rewarding when students don’t realize they are being taught!

Convert Roman Numerals

Roman numerals involve math just to read the numeral. That’s why students must learn to convert Roman numerals one at a time before tackling the actual reading of them. Use this lesson plan to teach your students to do just that.

Budget Lesson Plans: Planning an Event

Budget lesson plans need to teach students about managing their own finances as well as being able to manage larger finances, such as for specific events. Use this fun lesson plan to teach students how to create and manage an event budget. Their reward will be great if they budget right!