Finding Great Serif Fonts for All Occasions

Finding Great Serif Fonts for All Occasions

Do you know the difference between a serif font and a non-serif font? When you see little hooks on the bottoms and tops of letters, it’s a serif font. Times New Roman is probably the best known example. Learn where to find more fonts than you could ever imagine; each one here downloads for free!

What Not to Do With Fonts: A Pictorial Guide

When used correctly in a design, no one should really notice your font choice. If they do you’ve either got a lover of fonts on your hands or you’ve done something so terribly wrong your font choice sticks out like a sore thumb. Don’t be a victim. Follow our pictorial guide of what not to do.

Great Examples of Font Usage Done Right

Choosing the proper font for your next project can add some serious “WOW!” factor, as well as tie together a great design into something more. Check out these fantastic examples where the designers nailed the font choice, making for a cohesive, eye-catching finished project.