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GraphicConverter Demo Review: Convert Your Image Files

written by: Hollan•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 10/24/2009

GraphicConverter is powerful software for converting image files. While the program itself isn't free, the demo is and it can be used to convert most popular file formats.

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    There comes a time in every Mac user's life when they will have to convert a picture from one type of file into another type of file. The question you have to ask yourself is: do I want this process to be simple and painless or not? If you want it to be simple and painless I have the software for you (and if not, I don't know how to help you).

    GraphicConverter is a product of Lemke Software GmbH. While it usually costs $44.95 USD, you can download a trial version for free (which is not the complete version, but it doesn't quit working after 30 days either). In my experience (almost nine years now) the demo is good enough for anything a normal Mac user should need and converts most popular file formats.

    GraphicConverter does what its name suggests. It can import images of nearly 200 different file types and convert them into nearly 80 different file types. The fallback file for GraphicConverter is the PICT, which works out nicely since it is easy to open with many programs. File conversion is very simple as well. All you have to do is open the image and save it as a different file (just choose the format from the extensive list). GraphicConverter will give you a few options (file size, quality and so on) to choose from and your file will be converted.

    Not only does GraphicConverter do what its name claims, it also is nice image editing software. With more control than iPhoto, it allows you to resize and crop images easily. Also, there is a nice feature that will allow you to go back and undo anything you have done to the image just in case you make a mistake.

    To top it all off, GraphicConverter is the only program I've found that allows for precise control over the timing of GIF animations. With it you can decide how many fractions of a second each frame should be visible, put it on a loop and save it as simply as converting an image.

    Without a doubt, this is one of my most used and favorite pieces of software for my Mac (it has seen me through three Macs in total). If you want to buy it that's great, but the demo version is pretty cool too.

    Download GraphicConverter.