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iPhoto Diet Review: Reorganize Your Photos and Save Space

written by: Hollan•edited by: Michael Dougherty•updated: 9/25/2009

Is iPhoto taking up too much space on your Mac? Put it on a diet!

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    Is your Mac bloated? Does iPhoto take up way too much space on your computer? Yes? Mine too. While iPhoto is a nice application with which to store and modify pictures, unfortunately it makes a lot of unnecessary copies of your pictures that just take up room on your Mac. Luckily, there is a way to remove these files. You can put your Mac on a diet and trim it down.

    iPhoto Diet is a great freeware application that slims down your iPhoto collection and lets you reclaim hard disk space. Who couldn't use more room on their computer? I know I could. So, I downloaded it and gave it a go.

    After installation, iPhoto Diet is easy to use. You choose which photo library you want to manipulate (the iPhoto library is a default). After you have chosen the photo library you can choose the operations you want it to complete. You can remove original backups that fall in the following categories: redundant backups, unrotated backups (if you rotated a picture more than 90 degrees, the original is stored separately), remove leftover pictures and strip icon thumbnails. In addition, you can remove thumbnails and get rid of unnecessary files. Also, you can organize your iPhoto library with iPhoto Diet, which is helpful. After you have chosen what you want iPhoto Diet to do, press Start Diet and it will cut down your iPhoto Library.

    However, before you run iPhoto Diet it is highly recommended that you back up your photos on CD or DVD incase you accidentally delete something you did not want removed. This isn't that much of a problem though, since you should back up your files on a regular basis anyway. If you have a large iPhoto Library this is a must for you.

    Download iPhoto Diet.