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MacJanitor Review: Clean Up Your Mac

written by: Hollan•edited by: Michael Dougherty•updated: 9/25/2009

Need to clean up your Mac? Then check out MacJanitor!

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    MacJanitor will clean up for you.

    No, it doesn't clean your toilets (although if Apple could come up with something like that I'd buy it). This freeware application cleans up the mess left on your computer. You see, Macs are UNIX based systems which have scripts that are supposed to run at scheduled times to maintain your computer. Therefore, the new Intel based Macs actually work better if they are never turned off. They have certain clean up functions that by default run at odd hours when no one is using the machine. Unfortunately, no one gave us Mac users the memo. So unless you want to leave your computer on 24/7, its a good idea to download MacJanitor and run it today.

    MacJanitor allows you to run these maintenance scripts manually and complete all of the tasks your Mac should be completing when it is turned off. It removes old log files, removes junk files and scratch fax files, if you have any. All in all, it is supposed to make your Mac run smoother since it isn't being bogged down by all of the things it never has time to do.

    After installation, MacJanitor is very easy to run. Just click on the little lock icon to allow tasks. It will prompt you to input your user password. Once you do that you can choose which tasks you want MacJanitor to complete: daily tasks, weekly tasks or monthly tasks. If it is your first time running MacJanitor you can allow it to run all tasks, which may take a while but is worth it. After you initially clear out all of those old files you can run the application once a week to keep your computer clean.

    MacJanitor is a must have for any Mac user. Download it today.

    Download MacJanitor.