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Audacity Review: Audio Freeware for the Mac

written by: Hollan•edited by: Michael Dougherty•updated: 9/25/2009

Finally, Macs have some decent audio software and it's free! Audacity allows you to record and mix audio on your Mac and is well worth checking out.

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    Although new Macs ship with a lot of nice software, they don't really come with any useful audio recording and mixing software. While not everyone needs audio recording and mixing software, it may be more useful than Garage Band. Luckily, Audacity fills this gap nicely. It is not only free but very handy software for anyone who wants to record and mix their own audio.

    Audacity is everything you could ask for in a simple audio recording and mixing application and more. It utilizes the Mac's built in mic without any set up, and it does support external mics as well. The lay out is easy to understand for the novice. Just click the record button and you'll be making audio clips in no time. Not only can you record your own audio, you can also import audio from other sources and mix it together. You can import audio in MIDI, WAV, AIFF format and more. Talk about handy.

    You can also do some pretty fancy stuff with Audacity, like correct pitch or speed up the tempo. The application has a whole list of special effects to employ at your discretion.

    Once you have your file completed, you can save it as several different kinds of audio files, including WAV and AIFF. However, Audacity does not create MP3 files, which is a little inconvenient. If you want to create a MP3 file out of your Audacity audio the application will prompt you to use Lam instead. It will even help you find the file online to download it, which is nice.

    Despite its lack of MP3 support, Audacity is still the best free audio software available for the Mac. If you want to mix some songs or create your very own podcast, you can do it all with Audacity. I highly recommend it.

    Download Audacity.