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Armand and the Foppish Hat Review: Freeware Action Adventure Game

written by: Hollan•edited by: Michael Dougherty•updated: 9/25/2009

The best freeware action adventure game for Mac OS X involving the quest for a hat.

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    I love video games, and the Legend of Zelda is one of my favorite game series of all times. So, I was thrilled when I found Armand and the Foppish Hat. It is an action adventure game for the Mac in the style of the original Zelda game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Oh, and it's free!

    You play as Armand, an adventurer and ladies man who (after a night of drunken debauchery) has his favorite hat stolen by a thief. Of course, a man such as Armand cannot be seen in public without his flattering hat, so he must set forth to bring the thief to justice and regain what it rightfully his. The story line is silly, but that is part of the fun. Instead of saving the world from a great evil, he is trying to save his hat from the horrible fate of no longer being on his head.

    Along with the silly plot, the dialogue is very amusing. You can choose what you want to say to each character and there are a lot of non-playable characters throughout the game to interact with. Most of them will send you on mini quests or in search of another non-playable character with whom to ask about your missing hat.

    The game play is similar to the first Zelda (you are looking down at the world from above). The graphics are simple but nicely done, as is the music. You control Armand with the arrow keys, and if you are used to playing computer games it feels quite natural. He has two slots for weapons (also like Zelda) and they can be used with the 'Z' and 'X' keys. The weapon control is a little weak. It makes me wish the game had controller support which would make engaging in battles much easier. But, since it is freeware I can't complain too loudly.

    All in all, if you like adventure games this one is a really fun and engaging. There isn't going to be a new Zelda game out in a long time, so why not try Armand?

    Download Armand and the Foppish Hat.

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    Armand and the Foppish Hat

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