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Review of the Facebook App for the iPhone

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 12/23/2009

The Facebook mobile app is the best mobile community application yet. You can do all the basics that Facebook offers, right on your iPhone

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    Who Can Go Without Facebook?

    Facebook is quickly becoming one of the most widely used websites for interpersonal communication and event strategy. You ask the average college student, and if they reply honestly, they will tell you that they check their page religiously. Now Facebook is available on the iPhone, letting you do most Facebook functions easily.

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    The second you log into the Facebook app you will be bombarded with a news feed listing the “Status” of all your friends. This is similar to what happens when you log on to the website, minus some of the more detailed descriptions. At the bottom of the screen you have the ability to go to your home page, look at your profile, go to a friends profile, do a Facebook Instant Message chat with someone who is online, and check your message inbox.


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    Great Usability

    Though you will not get as detailed of an experience as you would by logging on from your computer, all the basic functions are there. You can look at friend’s profiles, including pictures, at record time for a mobile device. The Instant Message option comes in very handy because you can easily talk to friends of yours that are logged on to their Facebook from their computer through your iPhone. When looking over your friend list you are given a very easily browsable interface, similar to the way your Contacts list is presented in your phone. When you select to look at a friend or your own profile you have almost all of the options available to you that you would have normally, including viewing their Wall and Mini-Feed. All you have to do is select those options separately and then you are able to view them. The absolutely best part of this application is that it’s free.

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    Negative Aspects

    There is no way around the fact that viewing this service on your phone is not as convenient as it would be from your computer. You have to select each page element separately and you do not have access to any of the applications, which is what Facebook is known for.

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    Is it the Best?

    Even with its downside this is a great mobile application, whose ease and speed makes it far more accessible than MySpace mobile. If you do not know which service to subscribe to, let this application help decide. This is easily one of the new must-haves for any iPhone user!