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written by: Shane Burley•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 12/17/2008

Do you really need an application that sends text messages off of a template?

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    Text Me

    Text messaging has become a communication art form that surpasses calling as the primary means of discussion between young cell phone users. On more traditional cell phones people have become wizards at using the keypad to put together cohesive messages. Many people had trouble making the transition to the iPhone’s touch keyboard from the classic buttons they had grown up on. This is the supposed problem that applications like QuickSend are supposed to remedy.

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    QuickSend provides you with two “spinners”, which replicated spinning contact wheels that are common from office desks. The top one is where you add contacts from your phonebook. The bottom one has fourteen common phrases that you may want to send to someone on the phonebook list. These range from “I Love You” to “I’m Running Late”.

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    Custom Messages

    The only thing about the program that can really make it useful is that you have the ability to create custom messages and have them saved in the program. If there is a message that you send to people often you can add it here for quick sending whenever you need. These work well if you commonly ask people the same kind of question or if you have certain announcements.

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    The program itself rests on the idea that using this can send messages faster, but the time it takes to open and arrange the program for use is about the same as sending a regular text message. In reality you really have few options, and a conversation is not one of them. You are not able to really curtail any type of personal message and it ends up saving you very little time. You usually can forward the same message to many people using your standard text messaging function, which will likely be faster in the long run.

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    Failures in Modernity

    This just adds to the long list of iPhone applications that are useless distractions marketed as necessary tools in the effort of expediency. Like similar technological innovations, this really creates a clutter that ends with more work than you had before. Though QuickSend is a free program, it is probably best to avoid it. Four out of ten stars.