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An In-Depth Review of Mobile News for the iPhone

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 12/31/2009

The Mobile News application is one of the best news feeds you are going to get on your iPhone.

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    Staying Informed with Your iPhone

    Having news updates on your phone is a great reason to join the smart phone revolution. In the days of exponentially increasing technological innovation, socio-economic globalization, and international conflict, it serves most people well to stay informed on a consistent basis. The Mobile News application for your iPhone and iPod Touch is a great way to get some of the most important headlines at any given moment.

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    Features of Mobile News

    The program has a simple interface that is a great advantage to those using it. The program consists of five tabs that you can open up from a task bar at the bottom of the screen. These are Top New, Local, Sports, Showbiz, and More, which has a whole list of different sub-topics. Each section allows for you to look at a Top News or Highly Rated section. It then displays articles very cleanly with large headlines and an accompanying photo graphic to its left. When you select them you get a short article, often from trusted news organizations like domestic and international wings of the Associated Press. To get the correct local news you go to the settings in the More tab and have it search for your “current location” using GPS. The Showbiz tab even gives you lists of photos and videos along with the more traditional article listings.

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    Is Mobile News the Best News Feed App?

    This program runs better than almost every other news feed program, and though it does not have as long of articles as the New York Times application, it does seem to have more. It loads quicker than almost any other, and the articles are listed much more clearly. For quick headlines you are not going to get anything better on a mobile phone. The real thing that elevates this program is the Local tab, which gives you articles about your home town. The More tab even allows you to search for articles and save ones you want. In this tab the Wacky and Travel sections usually provide a lot of fun for the more casual reader.

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    Overall Rating

    For anyone that wants news on their phone this is a must have program. It may not be as in depth as other popular news feed apps, but it is certainly the best constructed. Nine out of ten stars.