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A Drawing Pad for Your iPhone: Scribble Review

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 12/30/2009

Scribble lets you draw on the iPhone... and that's it. Find out all the details of this drawing app by reading the complete app review.

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    Art You Can Call Your Own

    The personalization that has happened through the internet has inspired the general public to forgo the reliance on experts for their art and media and are now doing it themselves. With this is an increased interest in artistic endeavors done on a variety of platforms, from the more traditional pad and paper to our smart phones. The new iPhone application named Scribble is a manifestation of this increasing need.

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    Creating Drawings

    Scribble is a simple program that allows you to draw using the touch screen. When you open the program you are given a blank white space where you can use your finger to draw on, leaving a colored streak where you pressed and moved. You can change between a rainbow of colors, a difference in sizes, and with this try and customize your image creation as much as possible. Along with this you can import pictures that you have taken on your picture roll or have put on your phone off of your computer and draw on those images. From here you can then save the picture you have created or altered to your Camera Roll in case you want to use it for something later on or employ it in some type of distribution. You could then try and share it with people through online communities or publications.

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    Keyword Is Simple

    This is a basic application that will allow a simple drawing function, but not much else. Along with this you get some paid promotional ads, but you have to press a specific promo tab to bring this up. In this way it is not as distracting or invasive as many other programs that are an excuse to bring a commercial atmosphere to your mobile phone. The application is free so you have minimal risk in trying it out, but there is so little here that it is hard to consider a worthwhile use for it. Since you barely have enough function to create an image that you would want to persist beyond the moment there really is no need to spend much time with the application. Instead you may want to find a more complete package, even if you have to pay for it. Five out of ten stars.