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Creating a List Menu in Dreamweaver

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 11/2/2010

Do you have a lot of links on your site and they are taking up too much room? Try using a drop down menu or a list menu on your site. This tutorial will show you how to create list menus using Dreamweaver.

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    This tutorial will show you how to create a list menu in Dreamweaver. These menus are also called drop down menus. There are two ways you can create this menu. You can create it using the List option or the Menu option. Create a new page to work on just for this tutorial and save it.

    How to Create List Menus in Dreamweaver

    Go to the top of Dreamweaver and click Insert > Form > List/Menu. If you want a name to appear beside the menu, type the name in the box that pops up in the Label field. If not, go ahead and click the OK button. The next box that pops up will ask if you want to add a form tag. Click Yes in this box. Your box will appear on your Dreamweaver page. This menu is considered your drop down menu.

    How to Create a Menu in Dreamweaver - list menus - menu graphic Now you will need to add your links and text to the menu. Click the box and you will see the properties panel at the bottom of Dreamweaver. First, we will create the drop down menu. In the Type section, tick the menu field. Then click the List Values button. When the box opens, type the name that you want to appear in the first column. Then type the link for the name. Click the plus sign to add another name and link. Continue doing this until you have your menu created. Once you have finished your menu, click the OK button. You can open the page in a browser to preview it. To visit a page, simply drop the box down and select the link of your choice.

    You can also create a list instead of creating a drop down menu. The list is created almost the same way. You do not have to create a new menu, you can use the same one. In the properties panel you will need to tick the List field instead of the Menu field. You will need to count and see how many links you have in the menu, then enter that number in the Height field. So, if you have 5 links in the drop down menu, you will need to enter the number five in the Height field. Now your menu is a list instead of a drop down menu.

    That is how you create list menus in Dreamweaver.